Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clean and Empty Masonboro

P-funk and I paddled over to Masonboro this morning from the S end of WB for a surf session in what we predicted would be small but glassy conditions. Unlike the 4th weekend (see the paddling blog for my assessment of that cluster$%&#), we found the island nearly deserted. There were about 7 people in the water, but spread out over a couple of peaks, so plenty of room. The waves were waist high and very clean and very fast, breaking top-bottom (hollow) in a couple feet of water. Many were closeouts, but when you got the right one, they were a little bigger, steep, and quick but not unmakeable. I had three really good ones, which totally made all the paddling and walking with my heavy longboard worth it. Because we didn't get started until 7 and it takes some time to paddle the inlet, we only surfed for about an hour and a quarter before we had to start back in time to not get parking tickets, but the quality of the waves I got was good enough to sate me for the day.

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